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Who We Are

Tamien Dysart

Tamien Dysart spent over 15 years leading people and teams at Fortune 500 financial institutions and learned how to build a ladder of personal development to drive engagement and culture.

Vaney Hariri

Vaney Hariri has been helping people develop intentional cultures for over 15 years in many different levels of his community. As a leader, board member, mentor and community advocate – his biggest mission is to help people love better, starting with themselves.

Daniel Card

As Director of Operations and Strategy, Dan’s believes firmly that no matter what you’re doing, it should be done to the highest level possible.

He’s responsible for taking on everything that’s new and in-development at Think 3D, as well as our chief driver of implementation and accountability at the client level.

Manny Gutierrez

Manny is passionate about developing the youth in our community. As our director of Community Engagement, he helps facilitate our Leaders of Tomorrow program and manage our community partnerships.

Kristen Milk

Kristen is our Executive Assistant and our glue. She is a detail catcher, and takes pride in keeping things running smoothly and with a standard of excellence that both we and our clients appreciate. (Kristen runs the place.) She is also an active member of our Leaders of Tomorrow community, where both her and her husband John pour a significant amount of their energy into those around them.

Brett Feterl

Brett firmly believes in leaving people better than you find them. As the Learning and Development Manager for T3DU, his primary focus is helping teams utilize the tools to the best of their ability and building organizational accountability and support.

Joe Hubers

Joe is an experienced multidisciplinary filmmaker and photographer who has created multiple internationally award-winning features. For over 18 years he founded and ran his own production company and has been wildly impactful in the creative community. Joe is passionate about storytelling and creating content that pushes the envelope of excellence and creativity.

Bethany Headrick

Bethany has a background in videography and education and is passionate about creating leaders and creating content. She is a videographer, a content creator, and supports live events, virtual trainings, as well as helps us produce series’ and podcasts. Always sure to bring a smile and levity to a room, she is a valued addition to our creative team.

Jesús González

Jesus joined the team in January 2022, with a robust background in production and film. He’s passionate about precision, efficiency and consistency – which compliments the rest of Thinker Networks’ creative teams abilities perfectly. Looking for a solution to a difficult problem, or someone who can always deliver – look no further.

Antonio Phumipraphat

Natural talent and a hunger to grow is a winning combination. Antonio (Tone) Phumipraphat joined the team in July of 2021 and accelerated our content machine at Thinker Networks to new heights.