Vaney Hariri

Vaney Hariri has been helping people develop intentional cultures for over 15 years in many different levels of his community. As a leader, board member, mentor and community advocate – his biggest mission is to help people love better, starting with themselves. 

Vaney Hariri is the co-founder of Think 3D Solutions and the co-author of Think 3D – A Radical New Approach to Maximizing the Potential of Your Team

Having spent over 12 years in the financial and banking industry, leading teams, and working with long-time friend and partner, Tamien Dysart, to develop the philosophies of Think 3D. As a leader in some of the largest organizations in the country, Vaney’s teams saw increased performance, engagement, and a reduction in attrition. Something that he attributes to a communication and coaching style that is real, candid, effective and open.

Vaney believes that at the end of the day, you take home much more than a paycheck, and that for employers in the modern workplace, culture is the new currency. It was these beliefs that ultimately led him to take the leap and co-found Think 3D Solutions.

Vaney is also a highly active leader in the community of Sioux Falls, having been on the Human Relations Commission for over 10 years, chairing it for 5 years and continuing to be an active vice-chair an executive board member of both the Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. Board and the Downtown Sioux Falls Rotary Club. 


Vaney can be booked for speaking gigs, facilitating meetings or retreats, or you can book a training with his team using the button below!