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We build intentional cultures.

At Think 3D we believe that we can better the world by improving people’s lives, by changing the way they work.

What we know to be true is this – a culture will emerge whether intended or not, but if it’s not one you invest in, it will certainly be one that you pay for.

What kind of culture are you creating in your organization?

Building leaders for the modern workplace

The future of work is changing, and so should your leadership training. Think 3D University allows us to reach as many people as possible in any organization and provide the accountability and coaching that makes the training we provide not only effective but also sustainable.

Who we work with.

“Culture matters during hard times.”

“Culture matters, especially during hard times. Natalie Eisenberg, CEO of ClickRain + Lemonly believes this wholeheartedly.

Over the course of the last two years, Think 3D has helped ClickRain + Lemonly address their personal and professional development goals for their team. As a people-first digital agency, ClickRain values the development of their team members as human beings, not just employees.

Think 3D was able to work with them to build a specific training program targeted at the personal needs of their team members. Addressing not only culture, but personal growth, confidence, accountability and communication skills.

Leadership goes beyond a position

Leadership is more than just a title, or position, leadership is influence. Jeff Reynolds at VVI knows that in order to give people an opportunity to grow and exercise their leadership potential, they need a north star.

Think 3D was pivotal in helping Jeff as an executive, and his team at VVI to extract and create the mission, vision, values and beliefs they needed to build a sustainable and healthy culture.

VVI and their team also know that building leaders, and a healthy culture isn’t a one-time deal. Which is why they continue to work with Think 3D year-over-year to provide consistent training that’s tailored to their needs as they evolve and grow.


"Working with Think 3D truly feels like a partnership. Think 3D will walk along side you, meet you where you are..."

– Danielle Crough, VP of People and Culture, Interstates

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