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Leadership 101

Our leadership development program provides a framework for current and aspiring leaders to develop the skills, habits and attitudes necessary to grow and become better leaders in their organizations and community.

10 Week Leadership Development Program 

10, two-hour sessions, led by Think 3D co-founders and leadership team. 

Over 10 weeks we address personal beliefs and values, personal confidence, the attitudes and mindset of success, habits and personal accountability  to help leaders grow. 

Additionally we train heavily on effective communication skills, coaching systems, change management, public speaking and networking. 

5 Week Leadership Development Program 

5, two-hour sessions, led by Think 3D Leadership team. 

The shorter 5 week LDP is designed to focus primarily on the skills associated with leadership. We train heavily on effective communication, coaching and managing performance, as well as attitudes and mindset of success and personal accountability.

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Professional Development Courses

Effective Communication

Most organizations would rate communication as one of the most important factors for the effectiveness of their people and teams. Unfortunately, most people haven’t taken the time to really identify and train the skills necessary for optimal communication. 

Our effective communication course was intentionally designed to accelerate communication skills and give people a system by which to continue to sharpen their abilities to communicate interpersonally and organizationally. 

Coaching for Effectiveness

Coaching is a crucial skill for current and aspiring leaders. Our Coaching for Effectiveness program clearly defines what coaching is and gives learners a proven model to apply coaching in multiple directions, both personally and professionally.

Our POWER coaching method was developed throughout our collective 30 plus years leading people and teams in multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Let Think 3D help you build a firm foundation for coaching and leadership in your organization

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