12 Keys to Motivation

by | Mar 4, 2022

How do you create motivation? How do you keep it up when things get hard?

When we started Think 3D, we were just a couple of guys trying to figure out how to change the world.

Now we’re far from close to completing that vision, but we’re much closer than when we started.

We had to identify early on what we were pursuing and figure out how we were going to stay motivated.

We had this old poster that was in our original office (read: coat closet), that had 12 keys to motivation. I have no idea where we got it, or where some of these things originated, but they were so crucial in the formative journey for us and for Think 3D.

1. Direct Your Own Destiny

You can’t wait for someone to build your dream for you, and you definitely can’t rely on someone else to steer or guide your destiny for you. 

Become active in the direction of your destiny and decide where you are going to go.


2. Believe In Yourself

If you don’t have belief in yourself, how far can you expect your motivation to take you? You must believe in yourself, your ability to create and achieve the vision you desire. Belief is like the wind in your sails, or the fuel in your tank. You won’t get far, let alone where you want to go, without it.


3. Find A Reason To Smile

Seek out things that make you happy, that make you smile. Regardless of the size or scope of your goals, the one thing you’re guaranteed are obstacles – so find reasons to smile and be happy. This one’s important.


4. Embrace the Journey

It’s not going to be a straight line from where you are, to where your dreams are. The ride isn’t always going to be smooth and there will be ups and downs. Remember that mountains always seem taller from the bottom of the valley and learn to embrace the process of becoming. This one’s important too.


 5. Have Faith

Just because you can’t see something (or can’t see it yet), doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or isn’t possible. Keep the faith that your belief and your vision is possible and it will help you navigate the mountains and valleys.


6. Conquer New Heights

Simply put – do hard things, and get better every day. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish if you set out to get better, just incrementally, every day.


7. Follow Your Heart

When we started Think 3D, we asked ourselves a few important questions. These questions are important for anyone looking to find motivation and direction. If you’re on the cusp of starting something new, or looking at making a career change, stop and take time to answer these questions in your own heart, then follow it as far as you can.

Is it something you’re good at?

Is there a need for it?

Does it inspire and fulfill you?


8. Explore New Horizons

If you stay right where you are at, you’ll never see what’s possible or what lies on the other side of your potential. Exploring new horizons means taking steps forward even when you aren’t exactly sure of what the outcome may look like. That isn’t to say don’t have a plan, but be open to exploring what your vision and dreams look like. We never knew exactly what Think 3D would look like with 8 team members, and now we’re looking to expand even more and none of that would have been possible if we hadn’t been willing to explore new horizons and see what’s possible.


9. Dare To Dream 

This one is simple – be bold. Dare to dream of what’s possible, and don’t hold back. When you feel motivation wane, dig deep into your faith, your belief, and dream of what’s possible if you understand that success lies on the other side of “I don’t feel like it.”


10. Let Laughter Happen

You have to laugh. Have fun. Enjoy life. The people you surround yourself with will make this easier.


11. Share The Joy

Speaking of surrounding yourself with people, find your circle, and share the joy of your journey with them. Share your successes, even small ones (especially the small ones). This is how you keep your perspective right, and how you keep your tank full.


12. Write Your Own Happy Ending

You can be the author of your own life. Sure there will be ups and downs, but you’re the narrator, the ending is up to you. You have to be willing to pick up the pen and write.