CultureCon – Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

Ideas Worth DOING









Expanding the possibilities of what a conference can be… 

We started with an idea – that conferences and events could be, and should be, better.

CultureCon represents what we believe in – community, people, culture, and experience.

Every year CultureCon changes just a little bit. What stays the same is the focus on community and workplace culture, embracing and developing people, elevating the culture of Sioux Falls, and providing an intentionally curated experience that attendees have grown to love year over year.

Join us this year as we talk about ideas worth DOING, and explore the who, what, and how – of what’s being done in our organizations and our community to make it better.




This year’s event features speakers from all sorts of paths in our community talking about the different ways they are making a difference with an “Idea Worth Doing”

Manny Guiterrez

Dawn Marie Johnson – South Dakota After School Network

Audrey Bright – Think 3D Solutions

Randall Beck, Moses Idris, Leo Diaz – Sioux Falls Riverside Community Soccer League

Heather Kittelson 

Paul Ten Haken – Mayor, City of Sioux Falls

Annie Mello – CPM Fitness

Daniel Card + Vaney Hariri – COO and CCO, Think 3D Solutions

Tamien Dysart – CEO, Think 3D Solutions


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Manny Gutierrez


Dawn Marie Johnson


Audrey Bright


Sioux Falls Community Soccer Panel


Heather Kittelson


Paul Ten Haken


Lunch (On-Site!)


Energy Boost – Annie Mello, CPM Fitness


Leaders of Tomorrow – Community Impact Program


 Building Community Through Culture – Vaney Hariri + Daniel Card


Getting Involved – Hands On Community Development – Tamien Dysart


CultureCon Social Event

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2021 Behind the Scenes

One of the biggest things we stress with our clients and our team – is the importance of developing the skill of figuring it out. A skill that was tested during 2020 and 2021. As we emerged from an unstable, and taxing year we felt it appropriate to talk about figuring it out. 

CultureCon 2021 – Figure it Out, was all about telling people in our community how we and others did, and are continuing to figure it out. In workplaces, our homes, and our communities – we must move forward, we must adapt, we must, Figure It Out.

Enjoy a look behind the scenes as we prepared and planned for CultureCon 2021.

CultureCon 2019

At Think 3D, we believe in people.

What that means is that we believe everyone is valuable, and deserves an opportunity to be or become, the best version of themselves.

In organizations and families alike, many of us are silently suffering under the weight of depression, anxiety, stress, imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, and fear.

CultureCon 2019 was about one thing and one thing only – the fact that “A Better You, Is Better For Everyone.”

CultureCon 2019

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CultureCon 2018

CULTURE is Currency.

Everyday in businesses all over the world, people come to work, they do their jobs, they collect paycheck, and they go home. 

The truth is, that we take home much more than a paycheck. We take home the collective result of the choices, attitudes, and beliefs of everyone in the organization – for better or for worse.

This is what we mean, when we say – Culture Is Currency.

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