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Attitude: A Perspective for Success

Attitude: A Perspective for Success If you had the ability to improve one area of your personal and professional life that would give you the greatest return on investment, what would you pick? Though we may identify numerous areas of opportunity that we have, many...

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Thinking Out Loud – Ep. 08

 Dan Card and Adam Huber sit down to tackle the state of culture within service based businesses. In this episode get to know a bit more about Dan, what makes him tick and why he's so passionate about small businesses.        Jump into Thinking Out...

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Thinking Out Loud – Ep. 07

  Hi podcast friends. Join a now good friend of mine, James Gaspar and I as we tackle a few good topics and just have a great chat about what fires James up, why he's so passionate and involved with Young Professionals, and some of the ways companies can better...

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Thinking Out Loud – Ep. 06

 Hey guys, I’m super excited about this episode. My friend and neighbor, Kalani Jorgensen joins me for an inside look at what makes her tick. We talk about starting a business, an inside look at the pageant world and doing difficult things. Enjoy... Jump into Thinking...

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Thinking Out Loud – Ep. 05

  How important is understanding inventory, expenses and sales when it comes to a business? Why would our personal lives be any different.  Join Vaney and I as we unpack and talk about the formula for calculating personal inventory, maintaining perspective and...

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Thinking Out Loud – Ep. 02

  In this episode of Thinking Out Loud, we are sitting down with some of our favorite young professionals in Sioux Falls and tackling some of the things they're currently experiencing in the workplace.  Whether it's dealing with a generational gap in leadership,...

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Thinking Out Loud – Ep. 01

  Jump into Thinking Out Loud, with Dan and Vaney from Think 3D Solutions.  We're dropping episodes every week for the next 10 weeks and are looking forward to some of the conversations we're having each week with young professionals from our community.  What do...

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