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Below is a list of topics that we spend time addressing in organizations and businesses. If you see one that is right for you or would like more information, fill out our contact form below. We are looking forward to talking with you about the culture you are interacting with or creating.

The Power of Culture

A culture exists in every business with more than one employee. We address the potential that lies in focusing on your organization’s culture to maximize the potential of your team.

The Power of Team

A group can accomplish what an individual cannot, even when it comes to personal advancement. We focus on the absolute importance of working collectively as a team, and how—in doing so—everyone benefits more, both the individual and the organization.

The Power of Personal Development

Using our own professional journeys as an example, we explore how to increase our value to our organizations through increasing the value within ourselves, how to lead by example, and how to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Attitude & Perspective

Attitude and perspective form the core of action and perception. We explore the power of choice, and how challenging our views, and seeking to understand others, allows us to maximize our potential.

Workforce Shift: Millennials

A discussion on millennials and the new generational gap. We examine the shifting workplace demands, and how create an engaging culture that attracts, retains, and motivates the workforce of tomorrow, today.

Personal Inventory

A key to any successful organization includes having a clear understanding of their inventory, whether financial, physical or personnel. As the CEO of the business of YOU, we address how taking a critical self-assessment of your personal inventory lays the foundation in building your plan for future success.

Acorn to Oak Tree

Success is not an end result, it’s a process. Focus on embracing intentional development, rather than trying to attain in a day what truly takes time to achieve. A motivational talk on the process of maximizing the personal potential within every person, challenging both organizations and employees to believe and see that more is possible.

Communicating for Effectiveness

Miscommunication lies at the core of most issues in the workplace. We discuss the critical steps to improving communication at all levels of an organization in order to foster a more efficient and effective work culture.

The Power of "Why"

Everyone has reasons for working or aspirations for success, so why are these rarely enough to drive people to accomplish their goals? Often they lose sight of the things they want and strive for, instead of using them as fuel. We discuss how harnessing your personal “whys” can power you past the everyday obstacles and opposition that we all face in the workplace.

Thinking Beyond Your Chair

Without seeking to understand the reasons behind decisions or change, our natural tendency is to only focus on how things impact us personally. This gap in understanding and perspective is often the largest between the frontline and leadership roles of an organization. In this presentation, we address developing next-level thinking and how it can mitigate this perspective gap and prepare everyone to move beyond their current role.

Intentional Happiness

Happiness is one of the most undervalued and untapped resources within business and life. Endless studies show how a happy and engaged employee produces higher levels of production, quality and customer engagement. We explore how being intentional about increasing the engagement and overall happiness of employees pays itself forward in multiple facets of your organization.

Maximizing your People Potential

Employees are the largest expense for most companies; however few organizations are intentional about investing in their people. This untapped opportunity is especially crucial in environments of low unemployment where “good people” are hard to find, as it allows organizations to internally develop the talent they need. We discuss ways to fully maximize the potential that already exists within your current workforce to build for the future.

Principle of Intention

Nothing of significance was ever accomplished without intention. We explore how being intentional is critical in developing your ideal culture—one that builds an engaging work environment and maximizes the potential within your team. (Typically paired with Principle of Exposure).

Principle of Exposure

Effective people management is often an area of opportunity for most first-time or frontline leaders. The foundational skills of new leaders—such as attitude, behavior and communication—can often be skewed by an individual’s personal life experiences. We explore the importance of recognizing this, with an emphasis on how organizations can intentionally expose their employees to higher levels of thinking and help shape them into strong leaders.

Leadership 101

Leadership is the most overused and undervalued word in business. Most people think of leadership as a position or title. However a manager role does not automatically make someone a leader and someone can be a leader without direct reports. We define and explore what it takes to truly be a leader—one who others are willing to follow.

Being the Inspiration

Most people that have achieved success in life had at least one person who highly influenced them at some point. We bring awareness and intentionality to being the inspiration within your organization—both for individuals within your direct influence and for the overall culture.

Coming to Grips with Reality

Obstacles are an everyday occurrence in most organizations, and they often hinder our progress to improvement by diverting our attention away from desired goals. When they do, it is a natural tendency to fall back into old, familiar patterns. These same constant diversions are why employees and frontline leaders often fail to adopt and apply new strategies and tools from conferences or workshops. We discuss the importance of intentional learning and introduce proactive strategies to push past obstacles to proactive development.

Wearing the Vision

Most frontline employees cannot tell you what their organization’s vision, mission or belief statement is—often due to a lack of reinforcement. Due to busy schedules, leaders at all levels of an organization often aren’t intentional with this reinforcement and how their daily actions may be perceived. This behavior can either reinforce the company’s vision or display a divide between what an organization says and what their actions really tell others. This topic explores consistent and effective ways to continually reinforce beliefs through action.

What's Stopping You?

Excuses and motivation often form the gap between where people would like to be—both in their career and life—and where they actually are. We challenge participants to come face-to-face with their reality, then discuss building a plan that will help them accomplish their individual goals—all of which pays itself forward into broader organizational development and growth.

Motivating without Money

Studies suggest that approximately 89% of employers believe people leave because of money, when only around 12% of employees report that as the reason. We explore ways to approach motivating employees without using money as an incentive, and discuss the critical components to building a healthy and productive work culture.

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