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Think3D can offer a variety of solutions to your organization. Regardless of your size or budget, you can start transforming your company culture today.

Below are some package options that are available including a completely custom consulting solution that is curated specifically to an organizations needs.

Partner with Think 3D

Partnership with Think 3D – Annual Contract

  • Partnering with Think 3D provides you full access to both our training and consulting services for the year. We work with your leadership team to develop a plan, based on your goals and vision for the future.


Custom Consulting Packages – Annual Contract

  • If a full partnership isn’t the right fit for your needs or budget, we will build a custom solution that meets your businesses needs.

Things We Do For You

Group Development Sessions – culture, mindset and team building

  • 2 hr, 4 hr or full day sessions
    • Culture is the new currency, and without an intentionally built culture, many businesses and teams fail to meet their potential. Our group sessions deliver the tools necessary to build or optimize a culture and team through intentional discussions and group activities.


Skill Building and Training

  • Leadership 101 – 5- or 10-week program
    • Our leadership development program provides a framework for aspiring or current leaders to develop the skills, habits and attitudes necessary to improve their ability to lead teams
  • Effective Coaching – 5 sessions, 2 hours each
    • Our POWER Coaching model was designed over 30 years of experience leading teams. This course is specifically designed to improve coaching and leadership skills needed to effectively manage teams.
  • Effective Communication  – 5 sessions, 2 hours each
    • This course is designed to lay a foundation and set expectations for what clear and effective communication between individuals and teams should be.

Additional Services We Provide

Consulting Services

  • Culture and Workplace Environment
  • Personal and Organizational Belief/Vision Statements
  • Strategic Planning for…
    • Employee Engagement
    • Employee Training and On-Boarding
  • Whiteboard Sessions for Teams
    • Ideation
    • Goal Setting
    • Coaching

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